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Kid Friendly in Madrona

PostPosted: Wed Jan 17, 2007 8:19 am
by warnerms
In our experience, the most Kid Friendly Restaurant in Madrona is: The Madrona Eatery and Ale House
on 34th and Union. The Staff is quite tolerant of having Wee Ones running about the place,
and this is certainly to the Staffs credit, as it can be rather precarious dodging around the little folks to deliver dinner to the table. Our childs personal favorite, and just across the street is St. Clouds, where children get their own bucket of toys when seated, and where our son Matthew enjoys his favorite cuisine, the ever popular Cloud Sandwich (or for those of you who remember it by its more generic name: FlufferNutter). Included with every childs meal is a delicious hot fudge sundae for dessert, Yum!